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your business,
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It’s time to focus on you.

Time to realise your dreams of running your own business, on your terms.

You’ve waited long enough to take control of your own destiny, to determine a positive future which puts you in the driving seat. It’s time to make your move to The Salon House. Owning your own Salon House studio provides you the freedom and flexibility to stamp your mark on the exciting world of hair and beauty.

It’s time for a new beginning, it’s time to discover The Salon House.

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Every Salon House is made up of 20 to 30 Salon House studios. Independently owned by licensed beauty professionals who practice their craft in their very own unique business environment. Giving them the complete freedom to run their business in a way that suits their creative style and work-life balance.

Every Salon House studio comes fully equipped with:
  • Chair, Styling station, Dryer and Shampoo station
  • Storage & Color Cabinets
  • All utilities
  • 24hr access
  • WiFi, Internet & Phone hook up
  • Welcoming reception area


You get to choose:
  • Choice of wall finish
  • Wall art
  • Music
  • Working environment
  • Working hours

After many years working within the Professional Hair & Beauty market, we have listened to the best beauty professionals in the industry and developed the vision which has become The Salon House.

This is the business dream of most of the beauty professionals I ever meet, so we have considered everything necessary to fulfill that dream. We’re glad you found us. Welcome to The Salon House!


Bryan Batstone
Founder & CEO

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